Every year, millions of medical aspirants across the country prepare for the NEET exam to fight for limited and prestigious seats in some of the country’s premier medical institutions. One of the toughest entrance exams to get an undergraduate medical seat in India, NEET, is far from being a cockwalk.

However, like any other examination, it is simply a matter of careful planning and effective time management. If hundreds of students can do this every year, why don’t you?

Here are some effective time management tips for NEET Exam which have passed the exam for the candidates who have been working repeatedly and have been successful in achieving high rankings.

Create a Schedule and Stick to it:

The most important step before starting your preparation is to create a time management plan. Divide your lessons and topics according to your difficulty level and make a daily schedule. Half the battle is won when you have a strategy. The next half is about sticking to the schedule. Remember that when you are unable to complete your lesson by the end of the day, do not panic. Remember to re-adjust your plan every time to get a good idea of ​​where you stand and how much syllabus you have to cover.

Take Practice Tests:

While preparation is extremely important, next on the list of most important time management tips for NEET exam is mock test. The NEET is an MCQ-based exam with negative marking. Therefore it is important to practice continuously for the actual exam. Repeated mock tests give you an idea of ​​the time it takes to solve a question. In this way, you can try to improve your speed and understand your strengths and weaknesses in the course.

Take regular breaks and find ways to relax in between study sessions:

Taking regular breaks keeps your mind fresh for the next concept and reduces stress. Trying to squeeze too much information can cause a headache or worse: you forget important information later. Keep revisiting and revisiting to avoid the latter, and don’t forget to rest at once.

Refer to detailed notes: 

When textbooks are your primary source of information, don’t forget that some of the best concepts are often taught in the classroom. Check and revise regularly from your NEET notes, and if you are studying in a group, update your friends with new or additional information that you may find. This will help you remember the concept better. The Ideal Institute of Biology (SVC) provides special notes and training for its students, hence providing them with the best medical coaching in India. As a premier medical coaching institute in Maharashtra, SVC has in-depth knowledge about the topics in the notes and study material provided.

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