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All students holding a degree from an MCI-recognized medical university abroad must take a licensing test (as opposed to those passing from India) which is called the FMGE exam or MCI screening test. The MCI Screening Test for Foreign Medical Graduates is conducted annually twice in June and December. Students return at the end of the MBBS course in June of each year and generally go through the intensive course for the MCI screening until September. They prepare from the next 2 months on their own and make their first attempt in December. The exam is taken by NBE and the FMGE website can be consulted.

Every year, around 10,000 students from India decide to go abroad to study MBBS at various MCI-approved universities in different countries, such as MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, etc. That is almost equivalent to the number of Government Medical Seats In India!

Before the student decides on the MBBS abroad option, everyone thinks of the MCI screening or the FMGE exam as one of the barriers to deciding. Definitely, in the absence of training or constant preparation for this exam, it would be a big obstacle in the dream of becoming a doctor. For a large number of students, one needs to have a clear solution.


Siddhi Vinayak College will organize seminars in different parts of India and visit your city at any time, DO NOT MISS this golden opportunity to interact with our expert advisors and get the right advice about your medical career!

Also, it is highly recommended to attend one of our online counseling sessions at MBBS abroad up to PG before attending the seminar as you will have your basics clear from the start.


Get complete information about MBBS abroad, MBBS in India, how to choose the university, the country, the pros and cons of different countries, PG preparation followed by a question and answer session with clarification of doubts and any other possible details over MBBS to PG. To take a look at the previous webinars,

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Siddhi Vinayak College has an extremely experienced and experienced team of MBBS counselors who are experienced in a specific subject area such as MBBS in Russia, China, USA. USA, Ukraine, Germany, etc. up to PG. You can be in contact with one of the advisors constantly through phone calls, SMS, what is the application, emails, etc. and they will be there to answer your questions and help you find the right path to your MBBS journey!

You can call

9215300884 for MBBS abroad such as Russia, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, etc. (if you have a budget in the range of Rs.15 or more)


Siddhi Vinayak College has its branches in 12 cities in India now, so there is no need to travel to the Mumbai headquarters for personal advice! However, you can still do it if you want. To reach a Siddhi Vinayak College office in your own city for a free personal counseling session at MBBS abroad up to PG in USA. USA / Germany, call 9215300884 and our advisor will organize a personal counseling session in your city or in the place closest to you.


Siddhi Vinayak College conducts an online scholarship test every year, where students earn the NEXT Online Coaching at a great discount or even a 100% scholarship that would otherwise cost more than Rs.1, 25,000. It is a 360-point MCQ test focused on the curriculum of the 12th Board exams. If a student scores 180 points or more, they will have a 50% discount on coaching the NEXT exam online and if a student scores 300 points or more, they are eligible for a 100% scholarship and will get the training at no cost!

Students who enroll at Siddhi Vinayak College for MBBS abroad earn higher priority on the scholarship test. You can call the number given for more information on the 2018 Scholarship Exam!

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